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What information do I need to provide to enroll into a course?
What information do I need to provide to enroll into a course?

Find out what information you need to provide to enroll into a course with Userve

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As many of our courses are state-regulated, we need to collect some information from you when you enroll so that your certificate is valid if there's ever an inspection at your workplace.

To enroll into a course and create your user account, you'll need to provide information that can be used to contact you or verify your identity. This includes:

  • Your full legal name

  • Your email address

  • Your phone number

  • Your mailing address

This information allows us to create a user account which you will use to complete your training. Certain training programs may require additional information based on state requirements.

For example, California RBS Certification Training Program requires you to provide a Server ID provided by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in order to complete your student registration.

We take your privacy seriously and do not sell your personal information to third parties. Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to learn more about how we handle your personal information.

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